Themed Dossier Zurich No. 6: Mavericks

This dossier on one single topic is intended to inspire journalists to discover Zurich and the many stories it has to tell.

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The Influencer: Huldrych Zwingli

If Zwingli were still alive today, he would certainly be an influencer, as he was already a modern thinker in his day. Zurich is celebrating Zwingli and the Reformation over the next two years. And for us he has risen once again.
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A Flavor Revolution | Christian Bärtsch, Essento

There’s a real buzz about this new gourmet sensation: with his company Essento, Christian Bärtsch makes burgers, “meatballs” and even energy bars out of insects, shaping the lifestyle of generations to come. 
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The Climate Communicator | Reto Knutti

Although the issue of climate change is everywhere, very few people enjoy talking about it. Reto Knutti, a professor of climate physics, is working on how to present issues such as energy systems, climate change, and research in ways that are hip, exciting, and as easy to understand as possible. 
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The Power of the Collective | Brigitte Dätwyler and Lena Maria Thüring

To mark the anniversary of the Reformation, Brigitte Dätwyler and Lena Maria Thüring are creating the art project “Work as love. Love as work.” Both artists wish to inspire thought with it. 
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The Creative Eye | Stefan Haupt

Director and filmmaker Stefan Haupt is better known to a wider public for his docudrama “Der Kreis” [The Circle], which tells the story of gay people in Zurich. His latest film is about the reformer Zwingli. 
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The Collector of People | Daniel Dreifuss

Watch lovers worldwide will know his label Maurice de Mauriac. A visit to the watchmaker and master of color shows how and why a former banker is making it in the watch business.
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