Offstream – The Alternative Party Series for LGBTQ*

The Offstream party series offers a relaxed meeting place for members of the LGBTQ* community.

The Offstream label has been organizing around 10 parties a year since 2004. They are held at various venues in Zurich – including Exil, Dynamo or the Papiersaal – as well as in other Swiss cities. Offstream is geared not only towards all members of the LGBTQ* community; heterosexual guests are also very welcome. In any case, the clubs that host the parties are known and loved by a broad Zurich public.

Offstream aims to provide a relaxed meeting place for one and all. Its musical program includes indie, rock, pop and electro, which is played by a collective body of Offstream DJs. The reasonably priced admission fee is invested in various LGBTQ* projects.

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