Day Trip: Baden

The cultural and spa town of Baden lies just a short distance from Zurich. A day trip there is rewarded with wellness, culture, and “Spanischbrödli”. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your visit.
View of the City Baden

How do I get to Baden?

Situated just a few kilometers from Zurich, Baden can be reached on foot via the Lägern hills. Those who do not have quite so much time to spare – the hike takes about 3 hours – can take the train. This brings guests to Baden comfortably and quickly in just 15 minutes.

Some Impressions of Baden:

Wellness Destination

47 °C warm water bubbles out of Baden’s 8 mineral-rich springs. People have been taking the waters at the thermal baths for centuries. Beautiful bathing facilities can be found throughout the city, especially in the spa quarter. The latest highlight is without doubt the thermal wellness spa, FORTYSEVEN, designed by Mario Botta.

Must Try

Be sure to try the “Spanischbrödli” (Spanish bread). In the 18th century, Zurich’s aristocrats were so taken with this puff pastry confection that they sent their servants all the way to Baden on foot in the night so that they could bring the freshly baked pastries back for breakfast. In 1847, Switzerland’s first railway line, which operated between the two locations, made this task much easier, leading to the railway line becoming commonly known as the “Spanischbrödlibahn”.


Where Can I Find This Specialty?

Four selected bakeries in Baden offer freshly baked “Spanischbrödli”. And of course other Baden specialties, too.

Baden as a Meeting Place

The warm mineral springs have attracted people to Baden for centuries. But not just the springs: political envoys, travelers, and pioneers have combined work with pleasure here since time immemorial. This resulted in Baden becoming a popular meeting place.

Historisches Museum Baden

The impressive history of Baden as an important spa, industrial, and conference location is related at the Historisches Museum Baden with multimedia and interactive exhibits.

Cultural Gem

Anyone who is familiar with Baden also knows that the city is overflowing with culture. Particularly well-known is the “Badenfahrt”, an amazing spectacle that only takes place every 10 years. During the festival, the entire city is immersed in music, theater, art installations, and street food. You can find more annual events below.

Kurtheater Baden

50 guest performances in the spheres of drama, music, and puppetry, as well as dance and productions with children and young people, are held annually at the Kurtheater Baden.

The Annual Event Highlights

Music, short films, theater: Baden’s annual cultural program is diverse.

For Garden Lovers

Whether in the garden of the Villa Boveri, in the park of the Museum Langmatt, or in the Kurpark around the Casino Baden: yoga lessons, public picnics, and music events are held in Baden’s gardens and parks.

The Villa Langmatt in Baden

Find out more about Baden’s beautiful gardens and parks.