Boyahkasha – the Popular Gay Party Series in Zurich

Without a doubt, Boyahkasha is probably one of the most popular series of gay parties in Switzerland.
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In Zurich, the label celebrates in all kinds of clubs – from the renowned Plaza on Langstrasse right through to the Heaven gay club, situated in the heart of Zurich’s “Niederdörfli” quarter.

The highlights in the Boyahkasha calendar are the summer party at the Hive – aptly called “Hiveahkasha” – which is traditionally held on July 31, the annual wild birthday party on Easter Sunday, as well as other events at Pentecost and Christmas. On such occasions, star acts such as Conchita Wurst or various RuPaul’s Drag Race stars frequently take to the stage.

The Boyahkasha label is also politically active in support of LGBTQ* rights.

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