Themed Dossier Zurich No. 5: Taste of Zurich

This dossier on one single topic is intended to inspire journalists to discover Zurich and the many stories it has to tell. Journalists and editorial departments are welcome to use these texts and photos for free (source: Zürich Tourism)

Download complete dossier as a PDF or download texts (.docx) and images (.jpg) below:

Susanne Tobler | The Taste Laboratory
What do physicists, electrical engineers and IT specialists have to do with good food? Very little, would probably be your initial reaction. However, at her culinary laboratory, the Tastelab, Susanne Tobler shows that without science, cooking would not be possible in the first place. Download Text (.docx) | Images (.jpg)
The Food Festival | Alexandra Heitzer & Simon Mouttet
The festival, FOOD ZURICH, is a dream come true for all foodies, gourmets, truffle hunters, bee enthusiasts, partygoers, and people who are simply hungry. Festival organizers Alexandra and Simon relate how a spontaneous idea developed into the largest food event in Switzerland. Download Text (.docx) | Images (.jpg)
The Zurich Pop-Up Star | Valentin “ValeFritz” Diem
At first glance, Valentin Diem looks like a vivacious hipster, with his round glasses, moustache and woolen sweater. The image is completed by his refined taste buds – for he is the creator of unforgettable culinary adventures. Download Text (.docx) | Images (.jpg)
The Lady Behind the Bar | Jennifer Ann Hunziker
Cocktail lovers are delighted when she is behind the bar. As one of the best female barkeepers in Switzerland, Jennifer Ann Hunziker surprises anyone who is open to try new things with her outof-the-ordinary concoctions. Download Text (.docx) | Images (.jpg)
Sweet Tradition | Claudio & Silvan Leibacher
In the basement of the house where they grew up, the Leibacher brothers are reviving two age-old, almost forgotten traditional handicrafts: baking gingerbread and carving models – wooden boards with indented traditional motifs, into which the dough is pressed. And what they produce is hugely successful: Leibacher Biber. Download Text (.docx) Images (.jpg)
Living on a Knife’s Edge | Marco Guldimann
Marco Guldimann always was a keen inventor. He started by making his own tools, which made everyday tasks easier for him and finally led to him taking up his present profession: that of bladesmith. Download Text (.docx) | Images (.jpg)