Themed Dossier Zurich No. 4: Swiss Art – Pure Passion

This dossier on one single topic is intended to inspire journalists to discover Zurich and the many stories it has to tell. Journalists and editorial departments are welcome to use these texts and photos for free (source: Zürich Tourism)
Johannes Gees | Dadaistic Communication
Johannes Gees is known in Zurich as the founder of the successful crowdfunding platform wemakeit. In addition, as a Dadaistic artist he has caused a stir with provocative installations and performances.
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Creator of Fantastic Worlds | Simeon Meier
Simeon Meier is a stage designer of international repute. Besides designing sets for the Schauspielhaus Zurich and the Theater Neumarkt in Zurich, he creates fantastic worlds in particular for German stages.
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Graffiti is Not Evil | Laurence Celine Landert
Laurence is a woman of many talents. She sings in her own band as well as in a big band, and also works as interior designer at the Kanzlei Club, snowboarding instructor, barmaid, and teacher of the visual arts.
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A Good Ear for Music | Marion Meier
Marion Meier is responsible for the program of the Zürich Openair. For this job, she needs nerves of steel, organizational talent and a penchant for piecing together jigsaw puzzles.
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The Storyteller | Andri Krämer
Andri Krämer writes, produces and sells children’s stories under his alter ego, “Gschichtefritz” – free of charge or at the discretion of the person ordering them.
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The Art of the Future | MuDA
Caroline Hirt and Christian Etter share a vision: they want to acquaint as wide a public as possible with the art of the future. At the Museum of Digital Art, they show visitors just how artistic the numbers zero and one can be.
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