Themed Dossier Zurich No. 7: Cultural Space

This dossier on one single topic is intended to inspire journalists to discover Zurich and the many stories it has to tell.

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Room for Design 

Zurich is one of Europe’s design capitals. The Museum für Gestaltung is a true center of excellence in the field. Its three sites are individual, young and dynamic – just like their director.
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The Theater Meadow

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel is as much a part of a Zurich summer as public pools and neighborhood parties. For 40 years, this international theater festival with an idyllic location has been captivating guests both young and old.
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Room for the Future

For many Zurich residents, Oerlikon is nothing more than the city’s northern limit. But it’s right here, that one of Europe’s most pioneering housing projects is taking shape. It offers a visionary example of how we might live together in the future.
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Transformable Spaces 

When buildings, bridges and gorges suddenly start moving, there’s a good chance Roman Beranek and his team are behind it. The Projektil media studio opens up new realms using video and sound effects.
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Curator of Public Space 

KiöR is the short, somewhat odd-looking German abbreviation for “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” – art in public places. Everyone likes it, but no one knows how it got there. Curator and mediator Christoph Doswald explains.
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A Floating Dream

When Federico Emanuel Pfaffen and Nicole Gabathuler’s “Herzbaracke” docks at Bellevue in Zurich, the curtain goes up on a world of dreams. The floating theater has been close to the hearts of Zurich residents for years.
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