Zürich Tourism is in charge of the destination marketing of the Zurich region and employs professionals in the areas of Operations, Marketings, Markets, CVB and Tourist Information as well as freelance tour guides.

Organisation Chart (PDF)

  • Ardit Alijaj

    Apprentice Customer Consultant

  • Nana Andres

    Area Manager China

  • Ladina Bangoura

    Customer Consultant & Zürich Excellence Club

  • Rahel Bätschmann

    Project Manager

  • Gregory Baur

    Relationship Manager

  • Anita Berardi

    Area Manager Italy, France, Southeast Asia, Korea

  • Martin Birrer

    Area Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Gulf Countries

  • Daniel Borchert

    Relationship Manager

  • Olivia Borer

    Trainee Customer Consultant

  • Gretta Bott

    Manager Digital Content

  • Romy Brändli

    Lead Partner Management

  • Sabrina Bründler

    Content & Project Manager

  • Aurelia Carlen

    Area Manager Americas

  • Sarina Carletta

    Event Manager

  • Mathurot Chaisena

    Marketing Production & Communication

  • Susanna Doll

    Online Channel Manager

  • Marc Domesle

    Customer Consultant

  • Monika Dürr

    Lead Human Resources

  • Esther Elmiger

    Lead Front Office

  • Alessandra Eugster

    Project Manager

  • Jessica Fichtl

    Lead Back Office

  • Sira Fleischli

    Trainee Media Management

  • Lara Gallmann

    Sustainability Manager

  • Giuseppe Giusto


  • Kerstin Haag

    Channel & Content Manager

  • Ueli Heer

    Lead Corporate Communications & Media Spokesperson

  • Reto Helbling

    Head of Operations, Vice Director

  • Anouk Heller

    Online Channel Manager

  • Silvan Hensler

    Manager Digital Projects

  • Sarah Hödl

    Relationship Manager

  • Sarah Hofer

    Head of Tourist Information

  • Johanna Hürlimann

    Lead Tour Guides

  • Ricarda Jacomet

    Relationship Manager

  • Anel Jakupovic

    Customer Consultant

  • Evelyne Jeannerat

    Head of Markets

  • Daniela Kimura

    Human Resources

  • Martina Kindschi

    Customer Consultant & Quality

  • Sebastian Kober

    Customer Consultant

  • Kristina Koosanny

    Media Management

  • Evelyne Kunz

    Marketing Automation Manager

  • Luzia Lauber

    Social Media Manager

  • Katja Leibacher

    Trainee Markets & Convention Bureau

  • Noelle Loeliger

    Project Manager

  • Lea Lustenberger

    Customer Consultant

  • Nathalie Lüthi

    Head of Marketing

  • Anita Lutz

    Manager Branding & Production

  • Tatjana Maag

    Customer Consultant

  • Melina Mezzatesta

    Project Manager

  • Julia Müller

    Lead Media Management

  • Sophia Müller

    Partner Management

  • Katharina Obwegeser

    Finance & Accounting

  • Nhi Pham

    Social Media Manager

  • Carmen Raña

    Supervisor Back Office

  • Jost Reichlin

    Customer Consultant

  • Vanessa Reis

    Head of Convention Bureau

  • Patrick Reuteler

    IT Support

  • Janine Rupf

    Lead Content & Campaigns

  • Noemi Sandmeier

    Customer Consultant

  • Stephanie Schuler

    Customer Consultant

  • Pascal Schwager

    Lead Digital

  • Guxim Shoshaj

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Uliana Shtoyko

    Area Manager Spain, UK

  • Andrea Christian Wirthmüller

    Online Channel Manager

  • Thomas Wüthrich


  • Loredana Zacchi

    Partner Management

  • Ueli Zrotz

    Supervisor Front Office