Zürich Tourism is in charge of the destination marketing of the Zurich region and employs professionals in the areas of Markets & CVB, Marketing, Customer Experience and Operations as well as freelance tour guides.

Organisation Chart (PDF)

  • Nana Andres

    Area Manager

  • Ladina Bangoura

    Customer Consultant & Zürich Excellence Club

  • Rahel Bätschmann

    Lead Markets & CVB Services

  • Anita Berardi

    Area Manager

  • Martin Birrer

    Area Manager

  • Daniel Borchert

    Relationship Manager

  • Olivia Borer

    Trainee Customer Consultant

  • Gretta Bott

    Manager Digital Content

  • Romy Brändli

    Lead Partner Management

  • Sabrina Bründler

    Communications Manager Content Marketing

  • Aurelia Carlen

    Area Manager

  • Sarina Carletta

    Manager Customer Experience & Products

  • Mathurot Chaisena

    Marketing Production & Communication

  • Susanna Doll

    Online Channel Manager

  • Marc Domesle

    Customer Consultant

  • Monika Dürr

    Lead Human Resources

  • Esther Elmiger

    Lead Front Office

  • Alessandra Eugster

    Project Manager

  • Jessica Fichtl

    Lead Back Office

  • Lara Gallmann

    Manager Nachhaltigkeit

  • Giuseppe Giusto


  • Kerstin Haag

    Channel & Content Manager

  • Ueli Heer

    Lead Corporate Communications & Media Spokesperson

  • Reto Helbling

    Head of Operations, Vice Director

  • Anouk Heller

    Event & Cooperation Manager

  • Silvan Hensler

    Manager Digital Projects

  • Johanna Hürlimann

    Lead Tour Guides

  • Ricarda Jacomet

    Project Manager

  • Anel Jakupovic

    Customer Consultant

  • Evelyne Jeannerat

    Head of Markets

  • Ahmed Kharusi

    Apprentice Customer Consultant

  • Daniela Kimura

    Human Resources

  • Martina Kindschi

    Customer Consultant & Quality Management

  • Sebastian Kober

    Customer Consultant

  • Kristina Koosanny

    Media Management

  • Evelyne Kunz

    Marketing Automation Manager

  • Katja Leibacher

    Trainee Markets & CVB

  • Noelle Loeliger

    Project Manager

  • Nathalie Lüthi

    Head of Marketing

  • Anita Lutz

    Manager Branding & Produktion

  • Tatjana Maag

    Customer Consultant

  • Melina Mezzatesta

    Project Manager

  • Julia Müller

    Lead Media Management

  • Katharina Obwegeser

    Finance & Accounting

  • Nhi Pham

    Social Media Manager

  • Carmen Raña

    Supervisor Back Office

  • Jost Reichlin

    Customer Consultant

  • Vanessa Reis

    Lead Convention Bureau

  • Patrick Reuteler

    IT Support

  • Janine Rupf

    Lead Content Marketing

  • Noemi Sandmeier

    Customer Consultant

  • Stephanie Schuler

    Customer Consultant

  • Guxim Shoshaj

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Uliana Shtoyko

    Area Manager

  • Andrea Christian Wirthmüller

    Online Channel Manager

  • Thomas Wüthrich


  • Loredana Zacchi

    Partner Management

  • Ueli Zrotz

    Supervisor Front Office