This document describes the open data API of for retrieving information about places and accommodation locations published on the site. Each of these entities are also tagged with one or more categories. The following objects can be retrieved via the API:

  • Places like restaurants, museums, points of interest
  • Accommodations

API Endpoints

The main endpoint of the api is located at The API can be used to retrieve all the available categories, or to retrieve all the objects tagged with a specific category.

Categories list

By just calling the endpoint,, without any other parameters, the result is a list of all the available categories. The category items are stored as a hierarchical tree, so each of the category item has also a reference to its parent. If the parent is 0, then the category is a root item. An excerpt from the result list can be seen bellow:

 [   {     "id": "71",     "parent": "0",     "name": {       "de": "Übernachten",       "en": "Accommodation",       "fr": "Logement",       "it": "Ospitalità"     },     "path": "/data?id=71"   },   {     "id": "72",     "parent": "73",     "name": {       "de": "Sehenswürdigkeiten",       "en": "Attractions",       "fr": "Attractions touristiques",       "it": "Attrazioni turistiche"     },     "path": "/data?id=72"   },   {     "id": "73",     "parent": "0",     "name": {       "de": "Orte",       "en": "Place",       "fr": "Lieu",       "it": "Località"     },     "path": "/data?id=73"   } ] 

The id represents the internal id of the category. The parent represents the id of the parent for the category item. If 0, the category is a root item. The name represents the actual name or label of the category (this is a translatable field) and the path contains the location where all the objects tagged with the respective category item can be found.

Objects list

By appending the path of a category to the API endpoint, you can get all the objects which are tagged with that respective category. For example, to get all the objects tagged with American, the following path can be used The result would be a list of all the American cuisine restaurants, for example:

 [   {     "@context": "",     "@type": "LocalBusiness",     "identifier": "556900",     "copyrightHolder": {       "de": "Zürich Tourismus",       "en": "Zurich Tourism",       "it": "Zürich Tourismo",       "fr": "Zürich Tourisme"     },     "license": "BY-SA",     "category": [       "Restaurants",       "Cuisine",       "American",       "Meal",       "Lunch",       "Dinner",       "Coffee",       "Tea",       "Relaxed and Cozy",       "Lively and Cheerful"     ],     "name": {       "de": "Bagel Boys",       "en": "Bagel Boys",       "fr": "Bagel Boys",       "it": "Bagel Boys"     },     "disambiguatingDescription": {       "de": "Ganz nach dem Vorbild der berühmten New Yorker Bagelshops servieren auch die Bagel Boys das runde Gebäck mit Loch in diversen Varianten.",       "en": "Modeled on the famous New York bagel stores, the Bagel Boys also serve this round bread roll with a hole in the middle in all kinds of mouthwatering variations.",       "fr": "Comme les très réputés magasins de bagels new-yorkais, les Bagel Boys proposent diverses variantes de ces petits pains ronds en forme d’anneau.",       "it": "Ispirandosi ai famosi bagel shop di New York, anche Bagel Boys serve il panino rotondo col buco in diverse varianti."     },     "description": {       "de": "<p>Ob mit Pastrami, selbst geräuchtertem Lachs, in einer vegetarischen oder veganen Variante: Bei den Bagel Boys in Zürichs Norden bekommen alle den Bagel ihrer Wahl.</p>\r\n\r\n<p>Nach dem Vorbild der berühmten Bagelshops in New York werden die Bagel alle handgefertigt und in der hauseigenen Bäckerei gebacken. Gefüllt werden diese mit den besten und mehrheitlich biologischen Zutaten.</p>\r\n\r\n<p>Neben einer riesigen Auswahl an Bagel ist das Restaurant mit Bäckerei auch auf amerikanisches Süssgebäck spezialisiert. Zum Nachtisch gibt es daher Blueberry Muffins, Brownies und Cheesecakes.</p>\r\n",       "en": "<p>Whether with pastrami, with self-smoked salmon, or as a vegetarian or vegan variant: at the Bagel Boys in the north of Zurich, everyone will find their favorite bagel.</p><p>Modeled on the famous bagel stores in New York, all the bagels are hand-made and baked in the in-house bakery. They are filled with top-quality and mostly organic ingredients.</p><p>Besides a huge selection of bagels, the restaurant, which also houses a bakery, specializes in American sweet pastries. For dessert there are blueberry muffins, brownies, and cheesecakes.</p>",       "fr": "<p>Avec pastrami ou saumon fumé maison, végétarien ou végan : chacun choisit le bagel de son choix chez les Bagel Boys du nord de Zurich.</p><p>Comme les très réputés magasins new yorkais, les bagels sont artisanaux et cuits dans la boulangerie du magasin, puis garnis avec les meilleurs ingrédients pour la plupart bios.</p><p>Outre le vaste choix de bagels, ce restaurant avec boulangerie s’est spécialisé dans la pâtisserie américaine. En dessert sont proposés des muffins blueberry, brownies et cheesecakes.</p>",       "it": "<p>Con pastrami, salmone affumicato in casa, vegetariani o vegani: da Bagel Boys, a Zurigo nord, tutti trovano il bagel che preferiscono.</p><p>Come accade nei famosi bagel shop di New York, anche qui i bagel sono tutti fatti artigianalmente e cotti al forno nel panificio della casa. Per imbottirli, si usano solo gli ingredienti migliori, in gran parte biologici.</p><p>Oltre a un’ampia selezione di bagel, il ristorante con panificio è specializzato anche in dolci americani. Per dessert, ci sono quindi muffin ai mirtilli, brownies e cheesecake. </p>"     },     "titleTeaser": {       "de": "Bagel Boys",       "en": "Bagel Boys",       "fr": "Bagel Boys",       "it": "Bagel Boys"     },     "textTeaser": {       "de": "Lecker gefüllte Bagel und amerikanisches Gebäck wie Muffins und Brownies stehen hier im Zentrum.",       "en": "The focus here is on deliciously filled bagels and American pastries, such as muffins and brownies.",       "fr": "Délicieux bagels fourrés, muffins et brownies américains sont à l’honneur.",       "it": "Squisiti bagel imbottiti e dolci americani come muffin e brownies sono i protagonisti del locale."     },     "detailedInformation": {       "de": [         "Handgefertigte und -gebackene Bagel",         "Frische und biologische Zutaten",         "Amerikanisches Süssgebäck"       ],       "en": [         "Hand-made and self-baked bagels",         "Fresh and organic ingredients",         "American sweet pastries"       ],       "fr": [         "Bagels cuits faits main",         "Ingrédients bio frais",         "Desserts américains"       ],       "it": [         "Bagel artigianali cotti al forno",         "Ingredienti freschi e biologici",         "Dolci americani"       ]     },     "image": {       "url": "",       "caption": {         "de": "Bagel Boys",         "en": "",         "fr": null,         "it": null       }     },     "price": {       "de": null,       "en": null,       "fr": null,       "it": null     },     "photo": [       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": null,           "en": "Bagel Boys",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       },       {         "url": "",         "caption": {           "de": "Bagel Boys",           "en": "",           "fr": null,           "it": null         }       }     ],     "dateModified": "02.12.2020 09:12",     "opens": [       "Monday",       "Tuesday",       "Wednesday",       "Thursday",       "Friday",       "Saturday",       "Sunday"     ],     "openingHours": [       "Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr 700-1800",       "Sa,Su 800-1400"     ],     "specialOpeningHoursSpecification": {       "de": null,       "en": "<p>Monday &ndash; Friday, 7am &ndash; 6pm<br />Saturday &amp; Sunday, 8am &ndash; 2pm</p>",       "fr": "<p>Du lundi au vendredi, 7h &ndash; 18h<br />Samedi et dimanche, 8h &ndash; 14h</p>",       "it": "<p>Da lunedì a venerdì, 07.00 &ndash; 18.00<br />Sabato e domenica, 08.00 &ndash; 14.00</p>"     },     "address": {       "addressCountry": "CH",       "addressLocality": "Zürich",       "postalCode": "8050",       "streetAddress": "Dialogweg 11",       "telephone": "+41 44 310 20 80",       "email": "",       "url": ""     },     "geoCoordinates": {       "latitude": 47.414053000000003,       "longitude": 8.5592299999999994     },     "place": [       "Indoors",       "Outdoors"     ]   } ] 


Some of the fields support translations. For those fields, the returned value is actually an object containing the language codes as properties and the actual field, translated in that language, as value. The fields which do not support translations will just return their value directly. As an example in the above snipped, the openingDays field does not support translations, while the name supports it. integration

Some of the returned fields in the objects are also standard. The @type attribute of the objects identifies the type, and can have the following values

Non-standard fields

There are, however, a few custom fields which are not standard. The full list of non-standard fields, per each object type, can be seen bellow.

Available on all the types:

  • category: a list of categories this object is tagged with on the site.
  • titleTeaser: a special title that is used when the object is displayed as a teaser (in lists of results for example).
  • textTeaser: same as the title_teaser, a special description to be used when displaying the object as a teaser.

Place specific fields:

  • detailedInformation: a list with short text items containing some more highlights of the place.
  • place: can have one or more from the following values: Indoors, Outdoors.

LocalBusiness specific fields:

  • detailedInformation: a list with short text items containing some more highlights of the restaurant / cafe.
  • zurichcard: a short text specifying what kind of reductions are available based on the Zurich Card (discount, free entry, zurich card partner)
  • zurichcardDescription: a text with some more details for the applicable reductions, using the Zurich Card, if any.


The data published here is available free of charge and can be freely reused under a CC BY-SA license. The data may be:

  • Reproduced, disseminated and made available to others.
  • Augmented and edited.
  • Used commercially.